Actionetics Clickfunnels Review-The Secret Marketing Automation Tool!

actionetics clickfunnels

What is clickfunnels actionetics and what does it do?

Actionetics md is a smart multi dimensional marketing tool that comes with the clickfunnels etison suit. that helps keep your business stay above the competition in your industry by helping you earn more revenue for every customer or lead you acquire, And this done by delivering follow up funnels, messages and campaigns about your products or services through various marketing platforms inside of clickfunnels actionetics md.

What Are Follow Up Funnels or Second Funnels?

You can not talk about clickfunnels actionetics without mentioning follow up funnels so let’s take a quick run through of what they are and why they are important to your business.

To begin with, let me talk to you about  what the ‘First Funnel’ is… and why a lot of Entrepreneurs and internet marketers are spinning their Entrepreneurial wheels, and don’t seem to be generating  much traction with their profit in their own online business’s…….

Take note, that most of  the funnels you typically see on the internet serves two major purposes – and that is they help you to generate leads, and turn site visitors into customers… right?

With a Front End funnel, your main goal is often to just break even on your ad spend most don’t know and deny this fact but it is the truth , (and if your funnel is really good, you can probably make some profit as well but not as much as you would make with the second follow up funnel.) and actionetics md helps you send out and deliver these to your leads

follow up funnel second funnel

The tiny profit that you earn from a front-end funnel is just the very tip of the Entrepreneurial Iceberg…
But the BIGGEST profit potential is in what we call Follow-Up Funnels!
With a Follow-Up funnel, you can send messages and sequences that speak directly to your visitors, so you can cultivate a relationship, and turn them into customers.
Follow-Up Funnels are the BIGGEST and easiest source of profit potential for your business…and most entrepreneurs are MISSING it completely!
By adding in a simple Follow-Up funnel, I turned every $1 in sales from my book funnels into $16.49! “-Russell BrunsonLets Look Into How Actionetics Clickfunnels Works And Its Features

Why You Need Actionetics And How It Differs

In this section we will now look into the individual features of clickfunnels actionetics and how each of them makes it possible to automate your follow up marketing campaigns through follow up funnels and how all these features and tools make actionetics md the most powerful.

Actionetics Clickfunnels features

1. Multi-Dimensional

Mean you are able to send your follow up emails,campaigns and messages using different dimensions to your audience, this in return helps you have a higher reach and open rates to your messages and offers as compared to only sending using one dimension for example email

Below is a list of platforms you can use to reach your audience

  • Emails…
  • Facebook Messenger…
  • Retargeting Ads…
  • Desktop Notifications…
  • SMS…
With Actionetics Multi Dimensional Follow-Up Funnels, you are able to reach your prospects and audeince no matter where they are at, or what they are doing! You can communicate with them from MANY different angles…


Instead of having to spend more on acquiring all these marketing tools from an autoresponder,facebook messenger bot, push notifications and a whole lot more you can have all these tools for only $297 per month when you purchase clickfunnels etison suit which comes with actionetics md.

actionetics md

  • Emails…
  • Facebook Messenger…
  • Retargeting Ads…
  • Desktop Notifications…
  • SMS…
If they don’t get your message in one place, you can catch them in other places that they are more likely to check… (this way, you have all your communication bases covered, no matter what their day looks like, or where they are!) all in one place inside actionetics md instead of having the need for multiple separate software’s

3. You Are Able To Create Smart lists.

What are smart lists? are lists you can create using advanced tagging system built inside actionetics, with smart lists you can seperate your lists into segments using smart information that actionetics collects from your customers such as:

  • Who they are
  • How they entered your list
  • what their buying history is and behavior
  • What actions they had taken in your funnel

All this information and more helps you better understand who you customers are, how best you can provide value to them and and how much each of them is worth to you.

Lets Look At How EASY It Is To Create Second Follow-Up Funnels, and Deliver Messages To Your Audience Inside Actionetics…
(No Matter Where They’re At, Or What They’re Doing!)  

STEP 1 Is To Start Building Your Lists

In every funnel there are multiple ways to build you such as:


Step 1: Pre create a List

Creating lists inside Actionetics is EASY!
Under the “Email Lists” tab, click the “Add New List” button. Simply give your new list a NAME (so you can find it easily when you have several lists), and save your settings.
That’s it! Your list is IMMEDIATELY created, and ready to start housing email addresses! 

Step 2: Actions

When you set up your… 
• Landing page

• Order page

• Registration page
…simply create an action in the automations tab that “subscribes” them to your list. 
You can even segment out buyers vs. non-buyers in different lists with simple action rules that move people from list to list depending on the actions they take in your funnel.

Step 3: Create Smart Lists

Actionetics has an advanced Proprietary Tagging System, which allows you to create what we call a “Smart List”.
With a Smart List, you can quickly segment your list based on all the smart information that Actionetics collects from your customer…
• Who they are

• How they entered your funnel

• What their buying history and behaviors are

• What actions they’ve taken in your funnel

You Can Create Follow Up Funnels Just Inside Actionetics

You can simply use Actionetics to build a follow-up funnel FAST! To Add A Follow-Up Funnel:Inside Actionetics, click on the “Follow-Up Funnels” tab, and click on the “Add New Follow Up Funnel” button…

You Can Send 5 Different Types Of Messages In 5 Different Ways And Mediums.

1 Email Messenger.

Email Messenger lets you design incredible looking emails, and then push them into the email inbox of your subscribers…

2. Facebook Messenger

This delivers your messages straight into the Facebook inbox of your subscribers!

3. Retargeting Messenger

You can create retargeting messages, and push them directly into customer audiences on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube…

4. Desktop Notifications

Because your subscribers aren’t in their emails or on Facebook ALL day, you need to be able to reach them elsewhere…

5. Mobile Notifications

Mobile notifications allow you to reach your subscribers even when they aren’t on their computer…

How To Get Clickfunnels Actionetics

To get actionetics you need to have the clickfunnels etison suit $297 plan and there are only two ways to get the etison suit if you dont have a clickfunnels account you can sign up here and purchase plus you get a free 14day trial for free before you even pay the for the software Or If you Have already the clickfunnels account you can simply upgrade you account Here

How To Buy The Etison Suit Account

To get the clickfunnels etison suit simply follow the steps below

Step 1: Click the button below to go to the sign up page on the clickfunnels website.

Step 2: enter name and email address and click “start my 14 day trial”

Step 3: Note…….Select the $297 plan you want to get actionetics depending on when you are reading this there might be slight changes to the pages but nothing major just ensure you select the $297 plan like below.

Step 3: Enter And Verify Your Personal Information that you will be required to fill in