Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels:Which One Is Right For Your Business Needs??

kajabi vs clickfunnels

Before we even get into the kajabi vs clickfunnels battleground, it is important to note that these two are meant for totally two different audiences and needs so its vital to understand what your business needs are before picking which one to go for.

With Clickfunnels, the features built around this platform are geared towards getting you more sales for your business be it courses or other products, through creating what are called sales funnel although this is not the only feature but a whole lot more like creating membership sites, email marketing, lead generation and selling your own products which will talk more about later on in this article. Learn More About Clickfunnels >>>Here<<<

On the flipside kajabi is also meant for the sore purpose of helping you deliver content properly and professionally with which you can earn revenue through your courses.

In this review we will do a side by side comparison of Kajabi and Clickfunnels to see how they level up against each other.

We will compare core tools and features of each software to get a better understanding of the capabilities and restrictions on each of the platforms.

So which tool is best for you well lets find out.

Clickfunnels: The Beginner freindly all in one plartorm marketing platform For Building Sales Funnels.

To begin with who is this software for???

Clickfunnels is for anyone to a single one man show solopreneur to some of the biggest companies and enterpreneurs with 100s or thousands of employees out there, such as Grant Cardone one of the multi-millionaire enterpreneurs who owns one of the biggest real estate investments and sales training university for real estate agents and realtors uses clickfunnels just goes to show you the capabilities of this platform before we even dive in.


kajabi vs clickfunnels

What industries does clickfunnels cover???

Clickfunnels can be used in almost any industry from profit to non profit industries.

Below is a list of careers and industries that use clickfunnels

Real estate

Finance- Financial Planners and Advisers

Medical Fields- From Chiropracters to Dentists, Psychologits and Therapists for their services and products

Coaches And Consultants: these can be business and mareting coaches, fitness etc


That is just a small list to give us an idea

Clickfunnels Features Tools

Looking at how buyer behavior has changed overtime so has marketing and for you to sale almost anything online and not only sale but sale more of your products or services you need a sales funnel ( which basically a sales process you take you customers through in case you do not know what it is;).

Now building a traditional sales funnel own your own can be really stressful if you have no prior experience or a complete beginner due to its many componets such as a landing page, optin page, thank you page, upsale page and so on and so on

To create all this by yourself would require alot of money and time and most of it you would just end up outsourcing and would neeed a mamoth of various tools and softwares to put everything together which is very costly and time consuming looking at funnel design and copywriting involved because its not only about funnels but also the message to convert your customers into sales which will need you to have really good sales copy and it doesnt come cheap.

Unless you are using clickfunnels


Clickfunnels Features

Remember i mentioned clickfunnels being an all in one marketing tool well stay tuned and pay attention as i break this mammoth of a software down to pieces clickfunnels has.

Build all sought’s of funnels with just one click: clickfunnels has a huge selection of prebuilt funnels, tested and proven to convert depending on what you are trying to achieve from collecting emails, Selling Your Product Or hosting a webinar clickfunnels has funnels for all that.

Automate Your Funnel With Automation Tools Through Actionetics Clickfunnels.

Actionetics clickfunnels helps you collect your leads and capture customer informations such as email addresses, phone number physicall address, and also segment your leads into various groups.

The most important feature about actionetics in lcickfunnels is it helps you reach your audeince no matter where they are or what they are doing by sending them follow up funnels and messages such as campaigns, educational and promotional materials to your leads and audeince  through automated

kajabi vs clickfunnels



Facebook messenger trageting

Desktop notifications and more.


Clickfunnels BackPack

Clickfunels backpack you are able to set up your own affilate system for your products where you can manage your affiliates and pay people a small commission for selling your products.

Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels Payment Gateways

Clickfunnels Gateway Intergrations And Shopping Carts

Clickfunnels has multiple ways for you to receive payments for you products and services right in the platform all you have to do is intergrate them with clickfunnels which is pretty easy as clickfunnels has tutorials for all this

Below is a list of some of the gateways clickfunnels integrates with



Infusion Soft


Easy Pay Direct



NMI (Newtork Mechant Inc)



Loads of Supporting Educational Material.

Clickfunnels through its founder Russel Brunson and many other six figure entrepreneurs have developed various training’s and educational material.

To help both an entrepreneur’s with an online business and a beginner to help them grow and scale their online business by educating them and helping them implement some amazing simple to follow marketing strategies  below is just a list of the few of these materials.

Clickfunnels Marketing Books Bundle

  • Clickfunnels 30day One Funnel Away Challenge: Helps you create your own product offer and build your business and audience in 30 days even if you are completely new to this.
  • Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp is a free training taught by highest paid affiliate marketers in the industry teaching you how to be a successful super affiliate for almost any product or service and its a free you do not have to pay anything.
  • Funnel scripts: Write better headlines and sales copy for your funnels for high conversions


Kajabi: The Software That Helps Experts Sell Courses And Memberships.

If you are the expert of any topic or subject and can leave people intrigued with your knowledge then kajabi is for you.

Within kajabi you are able to create sales funnel for you content such as courses to your audeince or students

 And thats not all with kajabi you are also able to create a members area where people have to register by buying before joining. 

This members area can be inform of a course or training about a certain subject or topic that you are an expert of these can be in the form of blogs posts or videos.

So with this said it is important to Note tha kajabi is tailored more towards educational content and limited to that whilst clickfunnels on the other hand can do both and even more but if you want to sell a wide variety of products clickfunnels is the gate way for you.

Kajabi Features

Online Course And Membership Site Builder.

Kajabi lets you build online courses and memberships sites, it is really user freindly and everything is easy to setup and build for your educational material kajabi is the best platfrom if you have online students to deal with looking to have your own course taught online where you audience in come and learn at anytime with either video or articles that you can sale as a onetime or recurring monthly subscription

Built in CRM marketing Automation

kajabi ‘s crm helps you see more information about your customers and leads, but not as good and more detailed as clickfunnels actionetics automation marketing tool.

You are able to see who subcribed to your courses or membership site in addition you can segment customers from leads and send them marketing emails depending on their stage in the sales prcess.


Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels Features Comparison

As we have seen above clickfunnels and kajabi have very similar features with clickfunnels have more to it and kajabi have very few and being tailored to a very small and specific audience as compared to clickfunnels

Clickfunnels The Ultimate Sales Funnel Building Software

Kajabi is able to create individual landing pages, sales pages, optin pages but but very limited.

So from my own expereience you can not build a sales funnel with multiple steps and pages with kajabi while with clickfunnels it was meant to do that build sales funnels, lead generation funnels and webinar funnels which is not possible with kajabi.

Plus clickfunnels has more tools in the funnels editor such as intergrations with third party email marketing auto responders such as getresponse,aweber, active campaign and many more

Easy to use page editor and lots of features such as text editor, font type, colour, and size selection tools

Call to action buttons

Change Background and include images

Add videos to your pages

So if you are looking to build a full pipelined sales funnel to get more sales clickfunnels is for you with an addition of prebuilt selection of sales funnel templates plus clickfunnels is also pretty good when it comes to landing pages and sales pages


Membership Site Builder

Clickfunnels and Kajabi Have both membership sites which can be based on video or wrtten articels or even both depending on your prefrerences, So theres nothing major to say about this except that it is a win win for both platforms, its all about individual needs beyond utilizing it for membership sites of you need to sell other products and services then clickfunnels would be your choice but if you are just an educator then kajabi is okay.

clickfunnels membership site
Credit Nichepursuits.com

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Email Marketing

Actionetics Clickfunnels Follow Up Marketing Automation Tools

Follow up marketing is what comes after you have caputured your leads information

It helps you keep in touch with you audeince and build trust and connections with your aduience through email marketing. 

Although traditionally email marketing is the only way mostly used to follow up with actionetics clickfunnels everything is a little different.

Actionetics md clickfunnels is a robust multi dimensional follow up tool that helps you follow up with your audience and communicate with them through various platforms as followes

Email messaging

Facebook Messenger


Desktop notifiactions

Action Funnels


Kajabis Email Marketing Solution

Kajabi offers an email marketing service called pipeline where you can create a fully automated follow up campaign to conver your visitors into buyers

Using  follow up campaign in a few steps

Step 1

You choose any of the prebuilt ‘pipelines’ which includes funnels for promotional offers, reports, sales pages and more. Or as always, you can create your own emails from scratch.

Step 2

Create a product at the sales page where you customers will land once they click on the offer in the first email you send them

Step 3

After you add this info, you’ll see the whole funnel has been created instantly.

The pipeline will start with the ‘promotional offer’ page where visitors can enter their email in exchange for a free educational document.

Next, they’ll receive two emails which will lead to your sales page.

Finally, if your leads click your CTA, they’ll be directed to the checkout page where they can buy your product.


Clickfunnels Vs Kajabi Pricing

Clickfunnels starting price is $97 per month with a free 14 day trial while Kajabi’s starting price is $129 per month.

In the basic plan, both limit their offerings but are still reasonable.


Clickfunnels limits are:

20 Funnels

100 Pages

20k Visitors a Month

No autoresponder(You have to user third party such as get response or aweber)

Kajabi’s limits are:

5 Products

1,000 Active Members

1 Site

25 Pipelines

25,000 Marketing Emails /mo

Unlimted Plans Compared:

The top tier unlimited plan of Clickfunnels cost $297 per month. The top tier unlimited plan of Kajabi costs $899 per month.

But it’s worth noting that with Kajabi, you also get a mid-tier plan as well which costs $389 per month but comes with its own limitations:

Meanwhile, Clickfunnels top-tier plan has no limitations at all and is still less expensive than Kajabi’s top-tier plan and clickfunnels offers you a free 14 day trial.

My Final Thoughts

Ultimately, if you’ll be selling e-courses, you should still consider Kajabi as it offers a mid-tier plan which is not too expensive. But if you’re in the long term and will be selling all kinds of products from courses to other physical and information products, Clickfunnels is the ultimate choice for your entrepreneurial needs. It’s more versatile, meant for selling all kinds of things (even courses!) and much cheaper than Kajabi.