Marketing Funnels- The Future Of Websites

A marketing funnel or rather(digital marketing funnels)  is a series of multiple or single web-pages meant to take the customer through a certain journey to certain produce results that the business owner or marketer aspires for this.

So in a nutshell a marketing funnel or sales funnel is a marketing strategy designed to people into interested customers or leads who buy from you.


Marketing funnels are intended to produce the following consumer based reactions through their journey as a consumer, which are to either purchase a product, sign up for a free product or service or basically to collect leads for a business, for email marketing follow up or future follow up sales calls.


So hope that gives you an idea of what marketing funnels are and what they are used for in the business and marketing world

How Do Marketing Funnels Work


As you may know the attention span of human beings has really gone down over the past few years to a decade now and that gives you a very limited time as a marketer to grab those prospects you are marketing to that visit your regular website, capture their attention, share your message or story and convert them into leads or paying customers in a short period of time.


And when you are using a regular wordpress website it gets even worse because people don’t usually have the time to start going through your webpage always and get to the relevant content or message that fires the buyer intent inside them.

Instead end up lost, confused and not sure what to do and eventually click off your website and that right there is a lost customer, now take a look at how much traffic(people visiting your website a day how many sales and revenue are you losing), and that is why marketers had to dive deep into research and really come up with a new way to market and sell stuff online from info products, digital products and just day by day regular service based products using what we now call marketing funnels.


Funnels work in a way that is time sensitive once you have warmed up your traffic or some one comes to your funnel which can be a landing page sales page or optin page, instead of having them bombarded with a huge stash of information in form of words on a website a funnel easily, gives them all the information they need to know about a certain subject you want them to understand and make the decision either to purchase or put in their information, with a clear call to action button which straight leads them to the next step of the funnel which can either be a checkout/purchase page to buy a product or thank you page where they can watch a video or grab a material that benefits them and takes them and again takes them to the next stage in their journey.


How To Create Marketing Funnels With Clickfunnels


Now that you know how marketing funnels work and why marketing funnels are important, let’s look at how you can create digital marketing funnels inside clickfunnels 

Because if you are going to grow your online business in the next decade you will need to learn how to build sales funnels and other types of marketing funnel.


So to create a funnel you need to be aware of the elements need inside a funnel for it to be successful the picture below illustrates this better.




The very first step of a sales marketing funnel is awareness.

This stage of a funnel  involves letting people know that you exist. Most companies don’t have the luxury of being universally recognized brand, so the first step needs to make them aware of who you are and what you and your business can do for them. 

Think of it as being a bridge one that leads them to pay more attention to you and your message. This is your luxury to be able to demonstrate how you stand out from the crowd. When building your sales and marketing funnel this is one step you need to pay very close attention to and nail since you wont get a second chance to hit that first impression right again



marketing funnel stage


This is the second stage of the funnel and it involves building a relationship with your audience or potential customer, at this stage you want to make sure you address your product and connect it with their problem as being their solution.

Customers or rather people are selfish and they really don’t care about how good your product or service is but rather if it solves their problem. Thus it is where they really look into your product and see if their problem can be solved with your product.

That is why you need to be constantly working with them, providing them with valuable information as to the solutions you provide.



marketing funnels stage


This is where the customer has a strong conviction of how to solve the problem they are facing. That solution comes from you and your product and at this stage they want to know more, they want to know what your business offers and does, they haven’t voted to buy yet but they like what you offer and if but haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but once they assess and like what they see they will buy. This is what moves us to the next stage in our marketing funnel.


Actionmarketing funnel stage

Now this is the sweet spot it is the make or break, everything we have been doing has been leading up to this point of action where we want the customer to go ahead and give us their credit card or cash, 


These steps are usually abbreviated as AIDA in marketing and sales marketing funnel the AIDA (Sales Funnel ) isn’t the only funnel out there we have a diverse range of funnels in the digital marketing space

Below is an example of Russell Brunson’s Sales Funnel


Here we are talking about the one Clickfunnels CEO Russell brusnon Describes in his book Dot Com Secrets{link}


Russell is one of the best marketers out there and his approach to business with marketing funnels has really changed the way people are marketing funnels in the 21st century and beyond.


Due to the lack of other marketing tools and limiting factor in funnels building he built his company clickfunnels a Saas company that helps almost anyone build all kinds of marketing funnels, sales pages and lead generation funnels easily for any industry.


Looking deep at the above sales funnel concept by russell it begins with a cloud at the very top which is traffic visiting the funnel, followed by a bait which would be awareness on a regular funnel and that is where you offer something that attracts your dream customer The next stage is “Front End,” which is a product or service that is a little more valuable and costs a little more. The next stages — “Middle” and “Back End” — are similar in that they feature progressively more valuable items that also cost more, all the way until you get to the most valuable and expensive option at the very end of the funnel.


Notice that with this funnel the customer is making purchases through out the funnel and is not restricted to a single purchase meaning with this structure of a marketing funnel you make more money for every customer that comes through instead of just one purchase by one customer you have multiple purchases by every customer that passes through this funnel. Which we relate to as being the customer journey.


Sales And Marketing Funnels Are The Future.


As Russell Brunson explains in the following video, sales funnels are the natural evolution of the website. When the internet first burst onto the scene, every company felt like they needed to build a website. Now, they need to create a sales and marketing funnel that emphasizes their strengths and reach new prospects. Without it, they’ll be at a disadvantage from their competition.

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