1.What is Clickfunnels Used for-The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!

What Exactly Is Clickfunnels And What Is It Used For?


what is clickfunnels used for?

What is clickfunnels used for? Well in a nutshell clickfunnels basically a marketing automation software which can be used for any type of business medium small to large audience that helps you grow your business.

What clickfunnels does is it makes it easier for you and me to build websites and sales funnels especially for entrepreneurs and non tech savvy, non programmers and have no clue how to code, thus with clickfunnels you can easily build amazing and beautiful sales funnel to grow you business online.

Clickfuunels gives you an all in one tool to help you sale, market and deliver you product to you customers conveniently with little to know effort all in one spot
  • ​Simple Drag and Drop Webpage Editor!
  • ​Quickly Build Sales Funnels That Convert!
  • ​Smart Shopping Cart With 1 Click Upsells!
  • ​Email and Facebook Marketing Automation!
  • ​Everything Organized In One Simple Dashboard!
  • ​Guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave)
  • ​Point your customer straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem
  • ​Follow-up with your visitors, even after they leave your page!


So now that we know exactly what clickfunnels is you can learn more >>Here<<

lets look into what clickfunnels is used for.

Since clickfunnels is a marketing and automation tool with the use of funnels it can be used to do quite a number of things for you business. below is a list of things clickfunnels can be used for in any business.

1. Clickfunnels Can Be Used To Build A Sales Funnel

sales funnel help you make more sales of you own product or service, and the beauty of sales funnels is they have a specific goal which is to make you more sales and a laser targeted to what your customers want when they land on your sales page unlike traditional websites where your customers get confused with what to do next or feel they do not know what to do.

2.Clickfunnels Can Be Used To Generate Leads For Your Business.

what is clickfunnels

Since clickfuunels is a page builder it can be used and is used to create high end lead generation pages and funnels which are optin pages in other words for any kind of business model by using the pre-made done for you templates that you can easily edit or you can build one from the scratch once you understand how the software works.

3. You Can Use Clickfunnels To Sell Your Products And Services

You can easily create some beautiful pages and funnels that are pre-designed to walk your traffic through each step of the sales process, and convert them from “visitors” into actual paying customers who benefit from your products…

Also, you can add “1 click upsells”, and dramatically increase your revenue per customer now tell me that wouldn’t be sweet!

4.You Can Use Clickfunels For Follow Up Funnels.

what is clickfunnels

these are funnels to designed to follow up on your prospects and leads after they have opted into any of your funnels or didnt complete the purchase, the sore purpose of these funnels is to build relationship and trust with you audeince and customers aswell as sell them more products in the future.

When you upgrade to Actionetics MD, you can also connect or reconnect with your audience anytime, anywhere using multi-dimensional marketing.

You can send highly-targeted messages to your customers through email, social, text, and desktop notifications.

(That means, your messages can get delivered straight to your customer, no matter where they’re at, or what they’re doing!)


5. Clickfunnels Can Be Used To Build Membership Sites

So clickfunnels has a feature of creating membership sites which can be used to deliver course’s and training’s where a user has to create an account before having access to the members area and these can be used for both a paid and free courses.

Learn More About Marketing Funnels


If you are completely new to funnels i highly recommend you take chance to go through some really amazing resources that can help you to create amazing funnels that generate postive revenue for your business no matter what type of business you are doing clickfunnels can be used Note that some are paid resources .

  1. The One Funnel Away Challenge

This is a 30days challenge this course takes you step by step on how to build a profitable funnel that makes you money by following a proven method with daily activities and action plans from start to launch to driving traffic to your funnels >>>Try it Here


2. The Dotcom Secrets Book

This book teaches you about the different types of funnels you can use in your business to increase revenue and exactly how to build out each one of their structures>>>>>>> Get It Here <<<<<<<


Finally if you feel like clickfunnels is right for you you can also be sure to try it out and see if it works for you if you use the link Here you will get a free 14day trial to try it out.


What is Clickfunnels used for in real estate?

Clickfunnels can be used to generate leads for real estate agents and can also be used to create highly converting sales pages for real estate agents and realtors where they can present homes to there ideal customers, deliver free brochures for a good preview of their current house offerings.